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alright so i’ll be quick about this tonight, the ending when Damon and Enzo are well kind of killing Aaron yea that bromance got on way to quick to fast and typical Damon he doesn’t realize that Katherine was in Elena while when Stefan was talking to Elena he had his hints like wtf, but he knows something is up in the back of his mind when those questions Katherine asked were brought up.

also TEAM STEROLINE holy shit Caroline is like the most awesomeness person you can ever met and she doesn’t deserve that shit, you had her with Klaus’ permission and YOU LEFT HER YOU!!! screw you Tyler don’t agree with you!!

As happy as I am with Katherine being somewhat alive or per-longed her life, i’m see it like this

  • Katherine will most likely be found out by Stefan or Bonnie first
  • The gang tries to find a way to get Elena back
  • Somewhere along this timeline someone remembers Matt has a knife that can kill a Traveler and so what behold who finds it, the rage-monster Damon
  • Stefan stops Damon because in all honesty the reason he going along with this Damon/Elena ride is because he actually is somewhat relieve Katherine is alive
  • Someone stabs Elena kills or so they think the long awaited returns happens, Katherine’s body is healed and she is back doing her thing but still remains human, but get’s to live her life
  • Also somewhere in this Nadia finds a way to bring back her remains and finds an even stronger witch or so the travels with those doppleganger blood restores that back
  • also on this timeline Bonnie some how gets her powers back (because i’m still team Bonnie) and is not a unless anchor anymore a powerful witch line of her family can find a way to get back her powers especially since she can go talk to the other side
  • team Steroline
  • team Klaroiline
  • team Stelena
  • team Bonnie
  • team Mattekha
  • team Davina (even though i’m currently talking about TVD)
  • team Original Diaries
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